5 Things to Remember Before You Travel to Midrand in Johannesburg

5 Things to Remember Before You Travel to Midrand

Our article is about the 5 most important things to remember before you travel to Midrand in Johannesburg. We based these suggestions on our and our guests’ experience. As such, we believe that this could help both novice and frequent travellers to have a more pleasant and smoother experience when visiting us. We’ve all been … Read more

Training Facilities around Midrand

Training Facilities around Midrand

The landscape of learning and training for blue-collar jobs has been drastically changed by the pandemic over the past years. Companies had to adapt to mobility and financial restrictions, which resulted in the rapid emergence and evolution of online learning. However, the blue-collar jobs’ essence is about acquiring the necessary experience and practical skills, which … Read more

What is the difference between accommodation types?

Difference between accommodation types

Although we all like a good deal, it is imperative to consider the difference between accommodation types and their characteristics, values and standards they have to maintain.That is why we need to evaluate all factors when it comes to choosing lodging for our next trip. Find out the difference between accommodation types Below is a … Read more

How to choose the right accommodation?

How to choose the right accommodation

We, as guest house owners in Midrand, have come across a plethora of tough situations which all derived from the same mistake. And these happened when guests chose an accommodation solely based on their budget (price) or convenience (location). Read this guide to avoid these mistakes and choose the right accommodation for you. Here are … Read more