Guest House near Mediclinic Midstream hospital

Mediclinic’s contemporary hospital with outstanding facilities and state-of-the-art medical equipment opened its doors in Midstream in March 2015. Our lodge is located next to Midstream Estate, and we provide quality accommodation at our guest house near Mediclinic Midstream for those who seek overnight treatment at the hospital.

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About Mediclinic Midstream hospital

Mediclinic Midstream is part of the private hospital group called Mediclinic Southern Africa, which operates in South Africa and Namibia. The group has 47 hospitals, over two dozen of day care facilities, a handful of sub-acute and a couple of mental facilities, which all run at a highly successful rate.
Naturally, Mediclinic Midstream also boasts the highest standard of healthcare specialists and comfort with ample facilities to make the experience the most pleasant for both patients and visitors. In fact, the hospital has about 53 specialist doctors who perform on a remarkable level of healthcare standards on a daily basis treating patients and saving lives. Additionally, the hospital has 176 beds and facilities that ensure the most comfortable experience for patients and visitors at the Midstream branch. Some of these facilities are a coffee shop, a retail pharmacy, ATM, telephones, televisions and even free WiFi.

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Guest House near Mediclinic Midstream

Our guest house is By Bush Telegraph Lodge, and we offer inexpensive rooms for patients visiting the hospital in Midstream. You may find out more about our prices on the Suites page.

Patients at Midstream Hospital

Perhaps, the hospital was originally designed to treat patients visiting from the surrounding area, such as Midstream, Midrand and the Centurion area. However, in our experience, the sick are coming from all over. Surprisingly, as far as Limpopo province and even from Zimbabwe. Thanks to the highly educated, well-experienced and hard-working doctors and staff, the Midstream  Mediclinic hospital has built a reputation that echoes even further than the South African borders. Consequently, we feel very fortunate to have such a magnificent healthcare facility close to our guest house in Midrand.

Truth be told, we had the pleasure of accommodating a great number of patients coming for treatment at Midstream hospital over the past eight years. In most cases, we heard positive feedback about the service and healthcare facilities. Admittedly nobody and nothing is perfect, yet we would still recommend this hospital over others in the Joburg area.

We are a guest house near Mediclinic Midstream and we offer affordable rooms for hospital visits. Find out where we are situated on our Location page and more information about rooms and rates on our Suites page.