The Rietvlei Dam Nature Reserve near Midrand

Rhinos in Rietvlei Nature Reserve

The location of the Rietvlei Reserve

The Rietvlei Dam Nature Reserve is perfectly nestled in the outer suburbs of Tshwane Pretoria, near Midrand. This relatively small yet magnificent nature reserve covers about 3800 hectares. Its landscape is characterized by the perfect mix of expansive pastures, small patches of woodlands and rolling hills that are tastefully decorated with lakes, streams and creeks. The Reserve has about 40 kilometres of well-maintained tar and dirt roads for game drives.

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What is the difference between various accommodation types?

Differences between accommodation types

What is the difference between a hotel and a guest house?

Although we all like a good deal, it is imperative to consider that different accommodation types have different characteristics, values and standards they have to maintain. That is why we need to evaluate all factors when it comes to choosing a lodging for our next trip.

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How to choose the accommodation that is right for you

Choose the accommodation that is right for you

Here are three pointers on how to choose the right accommodation, that will cater to your needs.

Before you dive into the ocean of information on the world wide web, it is vital to begin with looking at your preferences and expectations. In other words, first you need to establish which is the accommodation that is right for you. The following three aspects are generally a good way to approach the subject (the order of these pointers could differ depending on your priorities):

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Steak & Guinness Pie – as we like it at BBT Lodge

Steak & Guinness Pie recipe

Rich Steak & Guinness Pie with Old Fashioned Roast Potatoes and Herbed String Beans recipe

We all have our favorite hearty, wholesome dishes for winter. However, we believe that our Steak & Guinness pie recipe is the best to keep you toasty and warm-hearted on those cold Winter days.
We encourage you to leave us a feedback of this recipe, or share yours if you have a better one.

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Classic Chicken Ala King recipe from the BBT Lodge kitchen

Classic Chicken Ala King recipe

A Classic Chicken Ala King recipe, that is nothing short of one of the best comfort foods out there

We all have our small list of comfort food that will ease our minds and take us to our happy place. We believe that this Classic Chicken Ala King recipe is one of those dishes. No matter how down you were, after you had this dish the world will seem just right again.

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The most authentic village market in Johannesburg

Irene Village Market at the Big Red Barn

The Irene Village Market at The Big Red Barn

The Irene Village Market at The Big Red Barn is one of the most mesmerizing, authentic art & craft markets in the Johannesburg area with a great many local crafted goods and food to choose from.

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Something to feed your travel bug – travel inspiration

The Sydney Opera House - Travel inspiration

Here’s another travel inspiration to tickle your travel bug. It may also motivate you to explore things you can do around Midrand during your next business trip.

“I think that travel comes from some deep urge to see the world, like the urge that brings up a worm in an Irish bog to see the moon when it is full.”

– Lord Dunsany

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