Introducing the Team of our Midrand B&B

Meet the two dynamic young owner-managers who are extremely passionate as well as very knowledgeable about what we do. We, namely Angela and Antal coincidentally both joined CUNARD in 2004. Our working environment for over eight years was under the legendary CUNARD LINE Banner. Which included working on board the Queen Elizabeth 2, Queen Mary 2 and the Queen Elizabeth.
We have successfully transferred the knowledge and experience we gained via that most discerning working environment that demanded the highest standards of service into our own Midrand B&B.

The History of Our Midrand B&B

To say that hospitality is in our blood would be an understatement. The first generation, namely Derek and Astrid, founded their own catering company – To a Turn Caterers – back in 1983.
And we, the second generation all served an extensive apprenticeship gaining the skills and understanding we are able to practice today.
Establishing our own By Bush Telegraph Lodge stems from the legacy of To A Turn Caterers, and we are proud to affiliate our beautiful Guest house with a very successful catering company that thirty-two years later is still going strong.

Our Goal as Hoteliers

The signature of By Bush Telegraph Lodge is first and foremost luxury accommodation. Secondly, the natural progression from this is our consistently high standard of food quality and taste as well as presentation and service. Our luxurious accommodation and facilities are designed and built to encourage our guests to relax, unwind and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The architecture, style and practicality of our amenities offer the ideal solution for a Corporate breakfast, lunch or dinner opportunity.
A memorable hospitality operation is created by the people who serve you and whose core responsibility is to provide the finest possible experience in every aspect of service.

Our Motto

We look forward to welcoming you and exceeding your expectations by delivering a standard of service that separates us from the ordinary.

Glance through the services and facilities we offer at our Midrand B&B.