Events near Midrand

Upcoming Events near Midrand

Our Team always strives for the best possible hospitality service. That is why we feel obligated to deliver you a bit more than just bed and breakfast. We created this page to make it easier for you to find upcoming events such as: festivals, musical and cultural events near Midrand and greater Johannesburg. Having our accommodation near Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, also compels us to also keep you up-to-date on all major exhibitions and expos that are taking place there.

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Business Expos / Work Shops

HuntEx 2018 in Midrand

HuntEx 2018 in Midrand

26 – 29 April 2018

The Hunting Expo 2018, or more commonly known as HuntEx in Midrand is a premium hunting expo on the African continent. The expo attracts over 35000 visitors and provides platform for nearly 400 exhibitors to showcase their latest products and services. The show mainly geared towards hunters and sport-shooters. But it also caters for the audience of game breeders, game-farm owners, outdoorsmen, anglers and even professionals from the security industry. Visitors are exposed to extensive live presentations and educational talks about the latest hunting-, sports shooting-, angling gears, outdoor-, camping equipment and many more held by highly trained professionals.

The Hunting Expo 2018 will take place at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand.
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SAAS Expo & Conference 2018 in Midrand

SAAS Expo & Conference 2018 in Midrand

3 – 4 May 2018

SAAS Expo & Conference is the paramount assembly for software companies in South Africa. The event hosts 12 speakers and many workshop sessions, which enables visitors to discover new trends, solutions and technologies used in the software industry and help them unlock a faster a more efficient ways for their business processes. The conference serves as the most ideal platform for exhibitors to get their product exposed to the right audience with over 7000 visitors.

The SAAS Expo 2018 will take place at the Gallagher Convention Centre, in Midrand.

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Drone Con 2018 in Midrand

Drone Con in Midrand

16 – 18 May 2018

Drone Con is the leading drone expo is South Africa. Which makes it the ultimate platform for professionals to learn more about the latest implementations of drones in a vast variety of industries. But also to learn about new technical advancements and trends of drone technology, and to network whether you are a professional pilot or an enthusiast.

Drone Con 2018 will take place at the Vodacom World Conference Venue.

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Festivals and Concerts


Sport Events near Midrand

The Beer Run - 5th edition in Midrand

The Beer Run – 5th edition in Midrand

21 April 2018

If you like beer, outdoor activities, lots of fun with good people, delicious food and more beer, then the 5th edition of The Beer Run is certainly your kind of gig. This 5 km run is not at all about the race of the fittest, rather about spending a great time in an even better atmosphere.

The Beer Run will be held at the Riversands Farm Village in Midrand.

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Cultural Events near Midrand

Necklaces at Irene Market

Irene Village Market in Olifantsfontein near Midrand

28 April 2018 – Open hours: 10 AM – 2 PM

The Irene Village Market is possibly the most authentic craft market in the whole of Johannesburg. And now its open in February the first time this year. Aren’t you sick of shopping malls? Don’t you want to spend some time in the fresh air with your family? This could be the perfect activity for you. Not only you can still do some shopping, eat heavenly food, but you can also find great activities for the kids too.

The Irene Village Market will be held by The Big Red Barn in Olifantsfontein. Get online directions to the market.

Find out more information about the Irene Village Market in our blog.