What matters to you the most when it comes to corporate accommodation?

Working in a position for a national or international company, which involves a lot of travelling between offices or branches, can make your life really difficult. You are forced to spend a lot of precious time away from your loved ones. While you are on the road in rental cars, on airplanes or trains, and staying over in a corporate accommodation.
Hence this lifestyle forces you to make lots of sacrifices and compromises. As a result, the comfort feeling of being home, the need for meaningful human interactions and familiar faces becomes increasingly valuable in your everyday life. Consequently, the right kind of accommodation could play a major role in keeping things in balance.

What is an ideal corporate accommodation like?

For example, the kind that always makes you feel welcome and makes you feel at home. And the kind of accommodation that you yearn for after a long day at work, and makes you wonder how long were you away for. Or the kind of accommodation, where you are being greeted and treated like a family member arriving after a long journey. Furthermore, the kind of accommodation, where your hosts and staff members remember not only your name, but also all your preferences and quirks as well. But most of all, the kind of accommodation, where the only thing you are missing after an exhausting day of work, is your family.

In essence, the perfect lodging is the place which you call your home away from home.

Where can you find this perfect lodge?

Does reading these lines makes you wonder whether you have been booked into the right place for your next trip? Did we make you doubt about the establishments you stayed the last couple of times? If your answers were yes to the previous questions, then you haven’t found them yet. But don’t worry. These things come naturally. It’s like falling in love. You will know when you found the one.

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Tell us what do you value the most when it comes to corporate accommodation?

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Post modified: 14 July 2019