Here you can find some useful information about the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa. Furthermore, you may also find out how regulations that are in place to control the virus are going to affect you during your stay at our Midrand guest house.

What are the present South African Lockdown Regulations?

You may find a great deal of information on the COVID-19 South African Online Portal. Alternatively, you can find the information about the Level 3 Lockdown or the Level 3 Lockdown Tourism Regulations on the SA Government website.

What services are curtailed due to COVID-19 at By Bush Telegraph Lodge?

In order to stop the spread of Coronavirus, we don’t offer waiter service in our restaurant or our bar during the lockdown. Instead, we deliver all orders directly to your suite.

Which facilities are not available due to COVID-19?

To stop further infections of the Coronavirus, we don’t open our restaurant, bar or any other indoor public areas during the lockdown. Instead, we serve food and beverages in your room during your stay.

How do we keep you safe while you are staying at By Bush Telegraph Lodge during the COVID-19 pandemic?

By Bush Telegraph Lodge is committed to keeping all guests and staff safe by implementing high standard industry protocols. One of them is called Tourism Industry Standard Protocols For COVID-19 Operations, which was developed by TBCSA. In addition, we also adhere to the regulations outlined by the Department of Tourism.
These protocols and regulations outline several health and safety measures that are on par with WHO, NICD and DoH guidelines.
Moreover, these protocols define the new way the industry needs to operate in great detail. Some of these applications include detailed guest information, personal protective equipment, social distancing, vigorous, frequent sanitisation and hygiene practices for both staff and guests, regularly providing information and training staff, to name a few.
For your further reassurance, we also partake in the NightsBridge SafeStay initiative.

Do you serve alcohol during the lockdown?

According to the South African Government Level 3 Lockdown regulations, we are not permitted to sell alcoholic beverages at this point.
Furthermore, with the latest addition to the regulations, Cyril Ramaphosa, the South African president, announced the ban of alcohol sale throughout the country until further notice.
We believe the tourism industry will only be allowed to sell alcohol for on-site consumption during Level 2 Lockdown regulations. However, this is not something we can speculate at this stage.

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Updated: 14 Jul 2020