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What is your check-in/check-out time?

Check-in time at BBT Lodge

Check-in time at By Bush Telegraph Lodge is between 14:00 and 20:00. We require all our guests to indicate their estimated time of arrival so we can make their room arrangements accordingly.

Early check-in

You can request to check-in earlier than 14:00. However, you need to arrange this within a reasonable time frame (24 hours) before your arrival.
Additionally, you may need to consider an additional fee for early check-in and is subject to availability. If you arrive before 08:00, we may have to charge you for a full days rate, because we can’t sell your room to another guest the night before. Therefore, we recommend booking your room from the night before if you wish to check-in in the morning. This way you can ensure that your room is going to be available for your arrival.

Early check-in fees
between 08:00-12:30R385
between 05:00-08:00R770

Late check-in

You may request to arrive later than 20:00. However, you need to communicate your request with our reservation team by 18:00. If you don’t pre-arrange your late arrival, you may be liable for a surcharge of R300.
Please be advised that if you don’t arrange your late arrival and don’t occupy your room by 22:00, we assume that you are a ‘No-show’. Read detailed information about our cancellation policy.

Check-out time at BBT Lodge

Check-out time at By Bush Telegraph Lodge is between 06:30 and 10:00. However, you may arrange to check-out earlier or later than these times, as long as you give sufficient advance notice.

Early check-out

Our check-out procedure is pretty simple. But we need guests who wish to check-out early to settle their bill the evening before to expedite the process. We charge no fees for early check-out after 05:00.

Late check-out

Should you wish to check-out later than 10:00, you need to advise our management within a reasonable timeframe. Late check-out is subject to availability, and there are additional fees that may apply.

Late check-out fees
between 10:30-15:00R385
between 15:00-20:00R770
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