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What are your room amenities

You may find the most often-asked room amenities-related questions from our guests on this page. Although you should find all the information you might need about our rooms on our Suites page, you might find some swift answers to some additional details here.

Do you have free WiFi in your rooms?

We provide complimentary Wi-Fi for our guests in all our rooms and throughout the entire guest house. For further details, please refer to our Services page.

Is there air-conditioning in the rooms?

Unfortunately, we don’t have air conditioning in our rooms. It is a feature we are looking at installing to upgrade our guest house in the future. Alternatively, we offer fans in our rooms for summertime and heaters with electric blankets during wintertime. If you are still cold during winter, we can supply you with extra blankets and hot water bottles (if that is your preference).

Is there a television in your rooms?

Yes. We have a flat-screen television in all our rooms. You can enjoy a wide variety of satellite television channels provided by DSTV. You may find the list of available channels among the room features on our Suites page.

Yes. We have about nine DSTV sports channels available in our rooms. You may find the list of available channels among the room features on our Suites page.

Yes. There are five news channels available in our rooms. You may find the complete list of TV programmes on our Suites page.

Do you offer tea/coffee in your rooms?

We offer a complimentary selection of tea and coffee, including a few of our well-known homemade cookies. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any special tea or coffee-related requests.

Is bottled water part of your free room amenities?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer complimentary bottled water as part of the room amenities. However, we keep them in stock, and they are readily available for purchase.

Do you keep a hairdryer in your rooms?

We do have hairdryers available for our guests to use. Although we don’t keep them in the rooms, you are welcome to request one free of charge anytime. You can find the complete list of amenities we offer in our rooms on our Suites page.

Do you have a gown and slippers or sleeping masks in your rooms?

Although we don’t keep gowns and slippers in our rooms, they are available for you to purchase from the Reception. (Stock is subject to availability, pricing can be requested on arrival.)

Here is the list of additional amenities we keep for purchasing:
Disposable face mask
– Toothbrush
– Toothpaste
– Sleeping mask
– Disposable slippers
– Sawing kit
– Travel adapter (free to use for a refundable deposit)
– Extension cord
– Plug point adapter

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