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Self-catering related questions

We’ve collected the answers to the most often asked questions regarding self-catering facilities in this article. If you still can’t find the exact answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you have self-catering units at By Bush Telegraph Lodge?

We offer semi self-catering facilities in one of our rooms (subject to availability). The room is more spacious than the rest of our rooms and has a small kitchenette area. Also, there is a King size bed and an ensuite bathroom with a shower. Furthermore, the room overlooks our well-manicured garden, and there are two outdoor sitting areas right in front.

What self-catering facilities do you offer?

Our semi self-catering room has the same amenities as our standard rooms, except it has additional equipment to facilitate cooking. Although it is a self-catering unit, there are only limited cooking facilities available in this room.

Here is the list of self-catering amenities we provide in this room:
– Refrigerator (93l bar fridge)
– Double solid stovetop
– Microwave oven
– Kettle
– Kitchen sink + drying rack
– Cutlery and crockery
– A pot, pen and a few utensils
– Chopping board and knife

Although we offer some self-catering equipment in this room, it is not the same as a full self-catering apartment. Additionally, this unit does not have laundry facilities. Therefore your laundry would have to be done by our housekeeping staff for a surcharge.

For further details and pricing, please contact our team.

Do you have braai facilities at your guest house?

We don’t have built-in braai facilities available at this stage. However, we can offer braai stands on request. There is a nominal cleaning fee of R75 charged if you’d like to use one of these stands.
Additionally, we can also provide you with braai equipment for a surcharge. The price will vary depending on your requirements.

– Braai stand
– Charcoal + fire starter
– Braai equipment/utensils
– Cutlery and crockery
– Chopping board and knife

Can I bring my own food to your guest house?

Yes, we allow our guests to bring their food while they are staying at our place. We do provide refrigerators in our rooms to keep them fresh. Also, you may reheat your meal using the microwave oven in our breakfast room. (Subject to availability.) Additionally, you can eat your food either in your rooms and in some of our public areas.
However, we do not allow guests to eat their food at our: Breakfast room, Dining room, Pub and Pub’s Courtyard area.

Can I bring my own drinks to your guest house?

Yes, we allow our guests to bring their beverages while they are residents of our accommodation. We provide refrigerators in our rooms, so guests can keep their drinks cool. You can drink your liquor in your room and some of our public areas. However, we do not allow guests to drink their beverages at our: Breakfast room, Dining room, Bar and Courtyard area. Please read our food and beverage policy.

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