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Questions about hosting events

On this page, we have enlisted a few answers to questions about hosting events at our B&B in Midrand. Although we feel the list has the most frequently asked questions about this topic, you may not find all the answers here. In that case, please feel free to contact us via email or WhatsApp.

Do you host events at your lodge?

Unfortunately, we can no longer host any events, meetings or conferences at our establishments.

Do you host birthday parties, baby showers or other family events at your guest house?

Unfortunately, we can no longer host any of the following events:
– Baby shower
– High tea
– Birthday party
– Engagement party
– Christening
– Other family events
– Small-scale company events

Does By Bush Telegraph Lodge have conferencing/meeting facilities?

Unfortunately, we can no longer accommodate conferences/meetings at our establishment.

Can we listen to our music at your lodge?

Our guest house is located in a quiet residential estate. As such, it is against the regulations to listen to loud music or make noise that could potentially disturb other guests or neighbours.
Having said that, you may listen to your music at a reasonable level, as long as you are not disturbing others. However, you may not listen to music outdoors between the hours of 20:00 and 08:00. Thereafter, you may only listen to music in your room in a manner that doesn’t disturb other guests or our neighbours.
If you have more questions about hosting events at our lodge, please contact us via email.

Do you allow pool parties at your guest house?

Unfortunately, we don’t allow pool parties or other party gatherings at our Midrand guest house due to noise, traffic and other restrictions at the estate we are located.

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