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How to pay a deposit or cancel a booking?

You may find information about how to pay a deposit or cancel a reservation on this page. Although both processes are relatively easy and can be done online, there are a number of steps involved that we explain in detail for your convenience.

Do I need to pay a deposit for my reservation?

Yes, we require all bookings to be secured by a 50% online deposit payment before arrival.
This is only to ensure that you are committed to the booking, and we also don’t block our rooms for guests who are no longer interested in staying at our guest house.

How to pay a deposit for my booking?

You can pay your deposit using one of the three payment methods below:
– via EFT
– via direct deposit to our bank account
– by credit/debit card online

How do I pay via EFT or direct deposit?

1. Once you receive a quotation from us, you can indicate your preferred payment method for the deposit payment.
2. If you choose EFT or direct deposit, then we provide you with our banking details.
3. Then you can process the EFT payment on your banking app. Alternatively, you can deposit the funds to our account at an ATM or bank.
4. Once we receive confirmation of your payment, then we send you the booking confirmation.

How can I pay via credit/debit card online?

1. After you receive a quotation, you can indicate that you’d prefer to settle the deposit by card payment.
2. Then we send a payment request link via email or WhatsApp through our booking system which is powered by NightsBridge.
3. Once you click on the payment link, you get redirected to NightsBridge’s payment page. Here, you fill out your particulars and start the transaction.
4. This is a 3D payment, which means that you’ll have to authorize the transaction via your phone or your banking app.
5. When that transaction is successful, you get an email notification, and later we also send you the booking confirmation.

How do I cancel my reservation?

1. You can cancel your reservation via phone call, email or WhatsApp.
2. Once we received your request to cancel, then advise you about the amount we can refund and find out your preferred refund method.
3. After we receive your refund details we process the payment and you’ll be notified via email.
4. Please note, that all refunds are charged with a 10% admin fee that covers our bank charges and other costs.

You can read our full cancellation policy on our Legal Notice page.

How long does it take to get my refund?

We usually process refunds within 48 hours. However, depending on the payment method the time will vary between 24 hours to 7 working days.
1. Refunds paid via EFT should not take longer than 2 working days.
2. Credit/debit card refunds on the other hand can take anything between 2 to 7 working days until the amount clears on your account. Although we process these refunds within 48 hours (of which you’ll be notified via email), it is up to the banks to process these payments.

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