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Services and facilities related questions

If you have any services and facilities related questions, you may find an instant answer on this page. We’ve assembled a list of the most often asked questions in the topic to help you make a faster, more educated decision about your booking.

Is there a free WiFi available at By Bush Telegraph Lodge?

Yes. We offer a free WiFi in our Midrand guest house. The WiFi is available throughout the property. Password is provided on arrival. For more details visit our Services page.

Does By Bush Telegraph Lodge have a swimming pool?

We, at By Bush Telegraph Lodge, are very proud of our Afro-Mediterranean style pool area and our large swimming pool. The pool is available for our guests 24/7. Although unfortunately our outdoor pool is not heated.

Do you have a restaurant?

Although we don’t have a restaurant in the strictest sense of the word, but we cater for breakfast, dinner and even lunch if requested. Consequently you wouldn’t be able to order your dinner from an ‘A la Carte Menu’. Instead you’d have to choose from our set menu of the day. Find out more on our Services page.

Do they serve dinners at BBT Lodge?

Yes. We serve a two course set menu in the evenings. Please refer to our Services page.

How much is your dinner?

Please contact us via email or telephone to find out our dinner prices.

Do you serve Halal food at your guest lodge?

Despite the fact that we are not a Halal kitchen, we can cater for such dietary requirements to a certain degree. Please get in touch with our office via email for further information.

Do you serve gluten free food?

Even though we claim to be a ‘Gluten free kitchen’, we can accommodate this dietary restriction.

Do you serve lactose free food?

If you indicate that you have such dietary restrictions before your arrival, we can make special arrangements for you. It is imperative that you give us advance notice however.

What time do you open for breakfast?

Our breakfast opening times do vary from time to time. Nevertheless, you may find our general opening times for breakfast on our Services page.

What time do you serve dinner at By Bush Telegraph Lodge?

We serve dinner at 7:00 PM in the evenings. Being a small guest house, we serve dinner to our guests promptly at opening time. If guests running later than 30 minutes for dinner, than we automatically deliver their dinners to their rooms.

Is there a bar at BBT Lodge?

Yes, we do. Our Pub provides an ample selection of local beverages for all our weary travelers who wishes to refresh themselves during their stay.

What time does your bar open?

Although we don’t have a strict opening time for our Pub, we generally start serving refreshments after 4:00 PM.

Do you have parking?

Our guest house has more than adequate parking space for our visitors behind our secure perimeter walls. This is a complimentary service we offer to all our guests.

Do you have laundry facilities?

Yes, we offer a full laundry service for our guests. This service is available for a surcharge.

How much do you charge for laundry?

Pricing can be found displayed in your room. Should you wish to have the full price list before your arrival, please get in touch with our office via email or telephone.

Do you have Spa facilities?

Sadly, we don’t have SPA facilities on our premises. Even so, we are looking at affiliating with a Gym near our guest house in Midrand. Please contact us for more details about this topic.

Does your guest house have a Gym?

Unfortunately we don’t have Gym facilities at our guest house yet. Nevertheless, we are seeking to build a close relationship with a Gym close to our accommodation. For further updates on this topic, please get in touch with our Team.

Is By Bush Telegraph Lodge a wheelchair accessible establishment?

Although many of our rooms are quite spacious, regrettably, our lodge is not wheelchair friendly. Sadly, due to our unique architecture style, we were unable to accommodate such facilities.

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Updated: 01 Sep 2020