FAQ – Location


How far is the nearest Airport from By Bush Telegraph Lodge?

OR Tambo International Airport is about 33.6 km away from our guest house. Here are some alternatives about how to get to the airport from BBT Lodge.

Furthermore, Lanseria International Airport is approximately 38 km, that is 34 minutes drive away.

Although Grand Central Airport is the closest to our guest house, it is not suitable for commercial airlines to land there. Grand Central is about 8.6 km away, which is about 12 minutes drive (depending on traffic).

How far is the nearest Hospital from you guest house?

The nearest hospital in Midrand is the Midstream Mediclinic. This hospital is about 11.5 km away, which is about 17 minutes drive (depending on traffic).

The alternative hospital nearby is Netcare Waterfall City Hospital. It is almost the same distance away as the previous one. Which is about 14.5 km, that is a 17 minutes drive.

How far is the nearest shopping Mall from your B&B?

The closest shopping Mall to our Midrand guest house is the Mall of Africa. This Mall is one of the largest Mall in the southern hemisphere of the continent. It is about 13.8 km, which is roughly 15 minutes drive away.

Although there are also smaller shopping centres close by. Such as:
Grey Owl Village – 8 km, about 12 minutes drive
Blue Hills Shopping Centre – 8.7 km, about 12 minutes drive


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Updated: 20 December 2018