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About our location

This article is about the general location of our guest house in Midrand. We hoped to paint a better picture of our surroundings for you and answer the most frequently asked questions about our lodge at the same time.

What is the location of By Bush Telegraph Lodge?

Our guest house is located in a picturesque country/equestrian estate called Randjesfontein on the north side of Midrand. Since our guest house is at a farm-style estate, the environment is luscious-green, soothingly quiet and sufficiently distant from the city.

You may find the exact location and the street address of our lodge on our Contact page.

Did you know that Randjesfontein is a conservancy?

Randjesfontein County Estate was registered as a conservancy in 2008. The project aimed to preserve the natural habitat of guinea fowls, francolin and marsh owls that live in the area. Additionally, the estate is also home for many other species, including herons, egrets, kites and some mammals like the yellow mongoose.

How is the security of your guest house?

Despite the size of the estate, we have a very efficient security team ensuring our safety and our good night sleep. Ranjesfontein has its security team supported by Monitor Net patrolling the area.

Are there any activities you can do within the estate?

The estate is perfect for morning exercises in the crisp fresh air such as walking and running, or even cycling if you happen to bring your own.
There are also horse riding schools available for both novice and advanced riders. The area covers about 30 km of horse trails which is ideal for outrides.
You may find more activities near our guest house on our Things-to-do page.

You may find more information about the estate on our Location page.

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