What matters most to you as a Corporate traveler?

Working in a position for a national or international corporate company, which involves lot of travelling between offices or branches can make life really difficult. Spending all that precious time away from your loved ones, travelling on the road in rental cars, on airplanes or trains.

This lifestyle forces you, the corporate traveler, to make lots of sacrifices and compromises. The quality and comfortable feeling of being at home, and the need for meaningful human interactions and familiar faces becomes more and more valuable in your everyday life.

This is where the right kind of accommodation can play a major role. The kind that makes you always feel welcome and at home, and ultimately helping you keep that balance in your life. The kind of accommodation that you feel the yearning for after a long day at work, and when you get to its gate, an involuntary thought pops into your head ‘I wonder how long was I away for?”. The kind of accommodation, where you are being greeted and treated like a family member arriving after a long journey. The kind of accommodation, where your hosts and staff remember not only your name, but all your preferences and quirks as well. But most of all, the kind of accommodation, where arriving to your usual room and taking the load off, you sigh with the utmost relief for making it through the day and the only thing you are missing, is your better half and your children.

I am sure reading these lines make you wonder, if you have been booked into the right place for the evening. Well, if you are asking yourself that question, then you have your answer…probably not.

The good news is you don’t have to make the same mistake twice. The next time you are passing through Johannesburg, needing a place to stay in Midrand that ticks all the above-mentioned boxes, look no further than us. Because, at By Bush Telegraph Lodge, we stake our reputation on the comforts of a home away from home.

What are the little things that you value the most as a Corporate traveler?

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