Champions breakfast at BBT Lodge

Full Engllish breakfast at BBT Lodge to start your day right

Join us at our exceptional, mouth watering Full English breakfast at BBT Lodge and a buffet with the most amazing home baked pastries you can imagine.

We freshly bake our homemade pastries are served every morning. An incredible selection of different flavored Muffins are prepared by our very own house Chef for your indulgence. But that is not all. Our crumpets, scones, banana and other fruit breads are also baked by our Chef on a daily basis. This is how we try to keep our variety interesting even for the long stay or returning guests.

Freshly prepared fruit salad with a variety of different fruit, and plain yogurts are also part of our buffet selection. A buffet wouldn’t be complete without an ample selection of Cereals. From muesli to corn flakes and bran flakes, we are likely to have your favorite one. Further more, we understand that for many of our guests the essential part of a complete breakfast is a warm cereal. Therefore a freshly made warm cereal meal is part of our buffet breakfast every morning.

When it comes to cooked breakfast at BBT Lodge, we really like to spoil our guests. Place your breakfast order Ala Carte style. Whether you prefer your eggs fried, scrambled, poached or boiled, we will prepare them for you. When it comes to your side orders, you won’t be disappointed either. Every breakfast item is freshly prepared. All our butchery stock is sourced from a specialty butchery, whom we supplier from many years.

A substantial selection of hot and cold breakfast beverages is imperative. We cater for a generous selection of drinks on our buffet, should you prefer to have a tea, coffee or a hot chocolate in the morning. We are also looking at bringing in some specialty tea and coffee selection in the future.

Breakfast is included in the room prices for our in-house guests. Should you have visitors, they are also welcome to join for a feast breakfast at BBT Lodge.

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Photo credit: Antal Ujvari